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Windle fuses expertise from their cutting edge laboratory in the Lake District, with their award winning Windle London Salon in Covent Garden under one roof,


Paul Windle, London’s most sought-after hairdresser and Founder of Windle Lab, fuses top of the industry hairdressing skills, with the scientific expertise of chemistry, to deliver powerful hair care products and an award-winning salon in the form of Windle Lab and Windle London Salon.

Paul Windle is renowned for his deep rooted expertise, in-depth knowledge, and complete transparency when it comes to haircare. With over 35 years experience in the industry and building multiple cult hair care lines including Bumble & Bumble within the UK, Paul saw a disconnect between brands and the manufacturing process whereby product efficacy is lost within large-scale corporate operations. From here Paul created Windle Lab, with his passion for pure ingredients and championing quality over quantity, alongside like-minded people for a no stone left unturned approach to hair care and a truly inclusive, sustainable range.


The award-winning Windle London Salon is now home to 21 hair care experts with over 200 years of collective experience. Here the stylists work closely with Windle Lab’s in-house chemist, to test new formulations from Windle Lab’s own Laboratory on real clients to ensure the products meet the needs of their customers and Windle Lab’s exceptional standards.



Dedicated to authenticity and transparency, Paul worked with and sustainable, organic skincare expert to form the basis of the Windle Lab range, creating advanced skincare technology, adapted for hair and scalp health. From here he built the Windle Laboratory in the Lake District where the Windle Lab team and in-house chemist work to research, develop and hand make all the Windle Lab hair care and styling ranges. Using the very best ingredients, including rich tea blends which are brewed on-site, the in-house chemist dedicates her time to researching and studying the molecular structure of the hair and scalp and carefully sourcing ingredients to feed the hair for strength and vitality, whilst addressing the importance of long-term scalp health. This ensures the Windle Lab products work to feed, not coat the hair or scalp, to strengthen strands and improve overall health.