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“After being a hairdresser at the top of my industry for over 35 years and working with numerous product lines, I realised that the only way to make a great product is to make it yourself.”

I started my career as a Barber, then became a teacher and Principal at the renowned Barber and Hairdressing Vidal Sassoon schools. In 1988, I opened Windle London Salon, in the heart of Covent Garden, where we have remained at the top of London’s hairdressing industry with our ‘no stone left unturned’ approach.

After building two cult haircare brands in the UK, I decided to create my own haircare and styling range, Windle Lab, for high-performance products that work to feed the hair and scalp to strengthen and revitalise.

After seeing how product efficiency was lost during the corporate manufacturing process, I worked with an sustainable, organic skincare expert to form the basis of the Windle Lab range. From here I built the Windle Laboratory in the Lake District where the Windle London Salon Hairdressers and in-house Chemist work closely to research, develop and hand make all the Windle Lab haircare and styling ranges. All Windle Lab products are stylist tested on real clients to ensure the products meet the needs of our customers.


After opening in 1988 in the heart of Covent Garden, our award-winning Windle London Salon is now home to 21 haircare experts with over 200 years of collective experience. We have a loyal client listing which is rapidly growing with our reputation for impeccable service and attention to detail. We champion our Salon team to pursue their own passions with every hairdresser and stylist being at the forefront of fashion and beauty trends. Their unique expertise allows them to translate these trends into everyday, wearable styles for our clients around the world

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Windle Lab fuses expertise from our own cutting edge laboratory with award-winning salon under one roof, to deliver handcrafted, scientifically led, stylist tested, high performing haircare and styling products

Combining plant extracts and exotic tea blends within science-backed formulations, every product is tried and tested by the Windle Lab in-salon team. The Windle Laboratory Chemist and Windle London Salon stylists work tirelessly together to ensure the product lines are of the highest quality, with a single product seeing at least 50 formulations alone over three years and tried and tested on real clients before hitting the shelves of Windle London Salon. All products are made in our Windle Laboratory in the Lake District.

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‘Technology is changing our world. Even hairdressing! And especially education. I started my career in education with a world leading education company that revolutionised how we learn hairdressing. As teacher and later Principal I spent 7 years figuring out how best to teach hair.

Although useful I do not believe for one moment that someone can truly learn to be a great hairdresser watching large seminars or online tutorials. For that reason we offer the London Intensive Immersion.

We take very small groups and immerse them in our London culture. Demonstration and one to one tutorials being the main content of the course. I am personally involved with every visitor. Over a cup or of tea or two we have a discussion on creativity and what I choose to call ‘visual intelligence’ . This is accompanied by visits to inspiring parts of our great city .

Our ambition is to recreate a US version in the near future.

Please look out for our road show and workshop dates.

My humble thanks to all who care to join us on our journey. Let’s bring retail back to the most important influencers ever. The hairdressers.’

Paul Windle

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