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No Stone Unturned

I established Windle salon in 1988.

We have remained at the top of London hairdressing for 30 years, constantly evolving and reinventing. Our mantra is that life should be slower and deeper rather than faster and cheaper.

We have always tirelessly worked to leave no stone unturned, a constant search for the illusive perfection.

I do not believe that large corporations are good for our industry,  I want to champion the small business and work with like minded people.

When creating our product line (having already built two cult brands in the UK) I chose to work with independent expert chemists on a very personal basis. Formulas came back and fourth, some 50 times per formula, chemists shampooed hair in the salon! Eventually we became one. After almost 5 years work the line was finally born.

We worked with an organic skincare expert to produce the hair and scalp care products, creating skincare technology adapted for hair. For styling we use (in my opinion) the best salon and fashion hairdressers in the world, ensuring we stand by our mission to leave no stone unturned.


Our award-winning salon Windle London has been a feature of Covent Garden for the past 30 years. We have grown a coveted client list and established a reputation for top-class service. Our salon team is at the forefront of trends in fashion, beauty and popular culture. Our editorial and catwalk stylists specialise in translating these trends into everyday, wearable styles for our loyal clients from all over the world.

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Windle is pioneering British style tailored to the modern, health and eco-conscious consumer. An extension from the brand’s award-winning salon in Covent Garden, the haircare line combines tea-infused shampoos and conditioners and performance-driven styling.

Paul Windle left no stone unturned, working closely with independent chemists in the search of innovative technologies, natural ingredients and sophisticated fragrances. Windle London is staying true to their British heritage, and all products are designed, tested and made in the UK.

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‘Technology is changing our world. Even hairdressing! And especially education. I started my career in education with a world leading education company that revolutionised how we learn hairdressing. As teacher and later Principal I spent 7 years figuring out how best to teach hair.

Although useful I do not believe for one moment that someone can truly learn to be a great hairdresser watching large seminars or online tutorials. For that reason we offer the London Intensive Immersion.

We take very small groups and immerse them in our London culture. Demonstration and one to one tutorials being the main content of the course. I am personally involved with every visitor. Over a cup or of tea or two we have a discussion on creativity and what I choose to call ‘visual intelligence’ . This is accompanied by visits to inspiring parts of our great city .

Our ambition is to recreate a US version in the near future.

Please look out for our road show and workshop dates.

My humble thanks to all who care to join us on our journey. Let’s bring retail back to the most important influencers ever. The hairdressers.’

Paul Windle

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