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Meet the Team

Our salon team is at the forefront of trends in fashion, beauty and popular culture. Our editorial and catwalk stylists specialise in translating these trends into everyday, wearable styles for our loyal clients.


Straightening Technicians


Jenny Wan

Straightening Technician

With over 10 years experience within the industry as an all round stylist, Jenny is competent in cutting, colouring and straightening. She specialises in the Yuko straightening system and was previously based in the flagship Yuko Mayfair Academy. She was the main Academy instructor, leading demonstrations and providing practical training.

Having spent 5 years with Yuko, Jenny has gained knowledge and understanding of how chemical processes can affect hair condition. Utilising this knowledge enables her to provide the best care for her clients’ hair condition and thus gaining herself a vast loyal client base.

Technical Services
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