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Windle & Moodie rebrands to Windle London

London’s most prestigious salon did not become what it is today by standing still and going with the flow. Instead, since the day Windle & Moodie came into creation, they’ve strived to be ahead of the curve and move with the times.

With that in mind, we are pleased to introduce WINDLE London.

But far from a simple change in name, this latest alteration represents the multi-award winning brand’s commitment to modernization whilst maintaining world-class standards and staying true to their British heritage.
With high-grade teas and ecologically responsible ingredients, the brand will soon unveil the Windle Hair Lab. Overseen by an in-house chemist, the focus is on new, innovative technologies to develop the product line that puts hair (and scalp) health first.

Alongside the brand revamp and new website, the flagship Covent Garden branch has itself received a luxe make-over.

Paul Windle, founder and director:

“Our mantra is that life should be slower and deeper rather than faster and cheaper. We work with an organic skincare expert to produce hair and scalp care products, creating skincare technology adapted for hair. For styling we use the best salon and fashion hairdressers in the world, ensuring we stand by our mission to leave no stone unturned

WINDLE London haircare is eco-friendly, made in the UK, and contains no sulphates, silicones or parabens. Cruelty free and dermatologically tested