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This month’s hero haircare ingredient – Monoi Oil

Move over Coconut Oil, your cousin Monoi does it better.


With so many natural oils in the beauty industry today, it’s often difficult to determine the benefits each one holds. Native to the French Polynesia, Monoi is seen as a sacred oil which comes from soaking carefully selected handpicked petals from the Tahitian gardenias in Coconut oil.

Widely known as Tiare flowers, this ancient wonder- worker has been used for thousands of years, thanks to its protective abilities against harsh environmental conditions and soothing characteristics. With its luxurious natural scent which will transform you to the tropics in an instant, the moisturising and hydrating properties that Monoi oil possesses is a beauty elixir your hair (and scalp) do not want to miss out on.

What are the other main benefits?

  • Helps reduce dandruff, and other irritable scalp conditions
  • Prevents breakage and helps repair dry, damaged split ends
  • Decreases frizz and flyaways
  • Can stimulate hair growth
  • Helps soothe sunburn

Visit our product page to see the selection of Windle London haircare products that contain Monoi oil.

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