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Looking for summer hairstyle inspiration? We have some summer hairstyles ideas and how-to tips to get you on the beach and […]

Looking for summer hairstyle inspiration? We have some summer hairstyles ideas and how-to tips to get you on the beach and away from the mirror (if you want) in no time at all.

So it’s time to take yourself somewhere far flung, maybe the tropics, or perhaps St. Tropez? Wherever you go you’ll be thinking, ‘How’s my hair gonna behave?’

Depending on what you’ve got, envy works both ways. Those that have it long stare at your luscious short fun locks and dream of daring to go short. But they forget that every hairstyle has its drawback whether it’s long or short. If you had short hair, could you tie it back??




So, in the eyes of some, ‘short short’ hair is utter madness but the real treat is the ease of styling and that ease comes from the right cut and having the right tools and products says Neil Moodie.

The short sexy crop or the ever classic bob hairstyles are always winners on holiday. You need only play around with it whilst it dries in the sunshine or, just slick it back for that sharper high fashion finish if you don’t want to spend time blow-drying.

Neil Moodie advises using Windle and Moodie Oceanic Spray to get that lovely straight out of the sea, sun dried texture with UV protection built in. However, if you’re more the rough blow-dried textured type use WAMs Texture Cream on towel-dried hair before you blast off. This will ensure you’re hair is nourished and UV protected.

Then finish with WAMs Volcanic Ash Wax after you blow dry to get that matt finished, fun textured, summer holiday hair. Of course, you may only need one or two of these products to do it all, and, if you are going sleek, Shine and Smoothing Oilis the one for you.



Some girls will fill their case to the absolute weight limit with their straighteners, hairdryer, tongs, brushes, products, you name it, they’ve got it. Whether you’re one of those or a free-living beach waves beauty you (again) needn’t spend an eternity on mirror time.




For out of the ocean beautiful beach waves use Oceanic Spray, this also gives a lasting protection against harmful UV rays and is so much better for your hair than a simple dip in the sea which, we must add, sucks the nourishment out of your luscious locks.

There’s few people out there that won’t go in the sea for the sake of their hairs condition, so to replenish the life force within you hair, cleanse and condition with Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner, and finish with Invisible Day and Night Cream so when you get back to the day to day, you hair is ready for the rest of the summer.




Getting your hair up and out of the way doesn’t have to be a challenge and in some climates, getting it up is an absolute essential. Whatever the event, be it late nights lounging by the pool for cocktails, or out for Michelin starred munch in the Mediterranean, a simple up-do can change the way you rock the world around you.

A massive hit this year on and off the catwalk is the illustrious topknot, a true show stopper no matter what gender and certainly knot to be messed with! Whether you’re the dressed out knot, the slick knot, the high reaching knot or the topknot bun seen on so many celebs and, so long as you’ve got enough hair to go up there, you can’t really go wrong!Again, we turn to Neil Moodie for some styling tips and hints to help choose and best create the topknot for you.




If you have long hair, the obvious way to do an instant transformation is to put your hair up. A lot of women struggle with this as they think hair-up is complicated, but it really can be simple.

First tie your hair up into a ponytail high on top of your head by the crown. Use a flat bristle brush to pull your hair up cleanly (or do it with your fingers for a less severe look), then take a hair do-nut available from Boots or other good chemists, and place the ponytail through the middle. Secure the do-nut at the base with grips and then splay your hair around the donut and pin or grip the ends underneath the base. You could leave some of the ponytail out if wanted to, just make sure the do-nut is covered with hair. Secure with Windle and Moodie Sculpture Spray.

So there you go, summer hair is a breeze once you know how! Whether you want to protect against the sun or get sexy beach look texture, try our styling tips for your summer hairstyles. Find out more about WAMs summer hair care products.