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Money Piece Highlights

This could be the most flattering colour we are seeing leave the salon at the moment – and it looks […]

This could be the most flattering colour we are seeing leave the salon at the moment – and it looks set to be the colour of 2021/22.


Money Piece Highlights are a fuss free way to achieve a change in your look, without having to touch the whole head – it’s all about face framing and contouring the hair.

It is a super flattering look because it brightens your face, accentuating your own base hair colour and your facial features. And best of all, this technique works on any colour of hair, weather you are a warm blonde or tending towards a more deep cool chocolate brown, the money pieces can pop by choosing a colour 3 to 4 shades brighter to achieve the full, gorgeous impact.

This look is most definitely a hotly emerging trend as we ease out of lockdown and into summer. Major celebrities are rocking this look – and as clients are finally allowed back into the chairs, they are willing to embrace new and exciting looks – perhaps out of their usual comfort zones as time out of the chair has forced grow outs etc.
We are able now to work with the clients more natural colour and offer them services such as this to immediately update their look, with very little effort – and of course, less time in the chair meaning more affordable and maintainable.
Money Piece Highlights can be any colour we want, but to achieve that extra level of lift they more often than not involve first bleaching those specific areas of hair.
As always, at Windle London we insist a full colour consultation with your colourist before your actual appointment – currently this is even more important as we must skin test everyone seeing as it has been so long since last colour appointments, perhaps client has used at-home colours during lockdown, or some medications etc can effect how the colour will react on your skin.
Your colourist can then assess with you what type of service will best suit you, your needs and your lifestyle.
Probably the main inspiration for this throwback trend, is Geri Halliwell of the Spice Girls major impact 90’s era – I t’s just been a little bit more refined and softened to suit the 2021 market.
Today we are seeing a lot of major celebrities like Bella Hadid choosing to go with ginger Money Piece Highlights around the face – and the younger clientele are braving the hot trend that is The Mallen Streak.
Your colourist should be able to discuss with you how to best maintain your service – the level of lightening involved with Money Piece Highlights will mean that you should use gentle, natural shampoos so as to not strip the hair or effect the colour such as our own Windle London product range which is 100% natural with no silicones, parabens or other nasties which are going to destroy the colourists great work.
After all, you wouldn’t buy a Gucci dress and then wash it in dish soap would you….?!?!