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One of Windle London’s favourite make-up artists Wendy Rowe (artistic consultant for the Burberry make-up range) has launched a juice […]

One of Windle London’s favourite make-up artists Wendy Rowe (artistic consultant for the Burberry make-up range) has launched a juice with press juice specialists
Roots and Bulbs in London… and we’re loving it.



Known as the ‘master of nudes’, international makeup artist Wendy Rowe has collaborated with Roots & Bulbs to create a nourishing juice that illuminates the skin. Wendy works with stars including, Sienna Miller, Anja Rubik, Victoria Beckham, Wendy is an expert in achieving amazing skin, She believes in the power of plant actives to work deep within the dermis, creating a complexion that glows with good health – from the inside out.

The juice – called Pure Skin Juice – combines a refreshing blend of raw cold-pressed ingredients to boost the skin in just one hit.

” I am so excited!! to be launching Pure Skin Juice with Roots and Bulbs. With our fast pace lifestyle we tend to forget to be kind to our bodies, what you put in you will get out, a good life mantra to remember. I couldn’t of asked for a better partnership than with Roots and Bulbs, this is every thing I love, a company that shares the same passion as me! ” said Wendy

With a base of coconut and reverse osmosis waters ensuring optimum hydration,Pure Skin Juice is infused with a tailored selection of the most effective skin-treating actives:


An all-round wonder herb, Turmeric is a blood purifier that reduces inflammation and aids the liver to detoxify, helping both the skin and the digestive system as a whole.


Containing over 75 different nutrients, the ancient Egyptians called Aloe Vera the ‘plant ofimmortality’ due to its ability to heal the skin with minimal scarring. Able to stimulate the growth of new cells, it also reduces redness, treats acne and improves skin’s firmness.


Rich in chlorophyll, Alfalfa is an excellent source of Vitamin A, nutrients and enzymes, helping to rid the body of impurities, treat dry skin conditions and increase immunity.


Loaded with antioxidants, Cayenne Pepper is referred to as the master herb for its skin benefits; it prevents and treats acne and congestion by increasing blood flow to the skin.


Packed with Vitamin C, Calcium and Potassium, lemons are great for preventing sun damage, aiding lymphatic cleansing and reducing fluid retention.


Mint is an excellent natural exfoliant and acne-treatment thanks to its high levels of salicylic acid. Along with clearer pores, Mint has excellent soothing and calming properties.

“All of the team at Roots and Bulbs are very excited to be launching such an innovative product with Wendy. To meet people who share our view that nutrition is a fundamental

aspect of overall health and wellbeing is inspiring. To be able to partner with one of those people, and together create a revolutionary juice that naturally aids the body and maintain beautiful, healthy skin has been an incredible journey and we are so proud of the final product” added Sarah Cadji, founder of Roots and Bulbs.

The Pure Skin Juice is available for retail in 250ml and 500mlbottles at all four Roots and Bulbs locations from Monday June 1st.

It will retail at £5 for 250ml and £7 for 500ml bottles.

Available online through