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Hi everyone, how are you all? I recently came back from Paris Fashion Week, and was there for over a […]

Hi everyone, how are you all?

I recently came back from Paris Fashion Week, and was there for over a week and so I want to tell you a few of my favourite things about this city.



I go to Paris quite often, taking the Euro star. It’s so easy! Paris is very a beautiful city, but when you go to there for Fashion week everybody is a little bit tense, as there are so many big shows. All of the models are feeling tired (they have been doing shows for the last 3 weeks ). Well, everybody is feeling a little tired, but it’s all good in the end.

Maybe you guys will be a little surprised but  there are a lots of Japanese restaurants in Paris, and some very nice ones too…

I’m going to introduce you to a couple of my favourites there… First off there is a place called ” KUNITORAYA ” near Opera area.  It is an Udon restaurant , Udon is the white thick noodle. It’s super busy and you usually have to queue for 20 mins, but it has amazing food. I usually order TENPURA MORIAWASE for starter and KATUDON for main. It’s Amazing!


Second up is ‘NARITAKE’.  This is a Ramen Shop (noodle shop).  They have very thick, thick soup, a bit heavy but very Japanese I think! There are always queues so I suggest getting there early!


Another place we always go to is called “Cafe RUC”. This is in the Opera area also. It is a French restaurant owned by the Hotel Coste group. It has a big fashion clientele and you are likely to meet some models during fashion week time. I always order the same from the menu, their delicious French onion soup and the famous Cafe Ruc burger. When you are super hungry it’s great as the food is filling.

Hotel Costes release music CDs every year, and I love them! It has cool, jazzy house vibe, and it’s very trendy. Definitely worth checking them out! Plus I always buy the Hotel Costes Perfume It is my favourite smell of all time!

When I go to shopping in Paris, the first place I always go to is  “COLETTE “.  They sell lots of different things. including  clothes, books, bags , watches , glasses , accessories etc. All the stuff is very nice but can be a bit expensive so I go there to check the current trends and not always to buy!


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I also love all the tiled patterns you find randomly on the streets of Paris. Here are some pictures of ones I’ve come across

Thanks for reading and I hope that I gave you some insight into the beautiful city Paris. Do let us know what you thought if you go to the Japanese restaurants!

Speak soon,