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i Everyone, how are you? This is Kei from the Windle and Moodie Salon. I am Japanese but live in […]

i Everyone, how are you?

This is Kei from the Windle and Moodie Salon. I am Japanese but live in London. I just came back from New York fashion week. I was there for one week.
I get so busy working at NY fashion week, but if I get bit of time free I try to eat nice food and do some shopping. It helps me to relax and get a bit of a break from the madness and the stressful shows.

New York is one of my favourite cities. It’s always a nice blue sky, and full of exciting things to explore. The exchange rate is very good right now so everything is quite a bit cheaper!

It’s no secret but I like to shop!

New York is always full of really great scenes…!

From my experience, I’d like to recommend you some places you should go to if you visit there.

First off I’d like to share with you about my favourite 3 restaurants:


I always go to an Italian restaurant called “La Bottega “. This restaurant is underneath the Maritime hotel in the Meatpacking District. I’ve made it my routine to always go there the first night I arrive in New York. It has a very nice atmosphere. You have to try the Artichoke salad for starter and the Rigatoni pasta for main course. The desserts change regularly so you have to see what’s on the menu. They have such amazing food!


Secondly, another of my favourites is a Japanese restaurant called “Naka Naka”, also in the Meatpacking District. They do very nice sushi, with fresh fish ( I’m very fussy, being Japanese). I always order a dish called ” Battera”, it’s very nice!

The place is very small but so cute, and very Japanese I think!



My third and final place is a Thai take away restaurant in Chelsea market. It is very good for lunch. I would happily go there every day for lunch… but it is spicy- oh my god!

Make sure you like spice before eating there!


New York is great for shopping too…

a) because it’s normally cheaper than London and Japan.
b) I love Vans shoes and vintage clothes, and they have loads of shops for that.


I always end up spending a bit too much money for shopping, but I enjoy myself, so what the heck!


I usually go to a shop called “DQM ” for my Vans shoes, which is Downtown. Vans there are so much cheaper than London. You can also find some interesting editions that you can’t get anywhere else!


I also go to “Metropolis” to find vintage T-shirts, this is at 43, 3rd Avenue, near 9th Street.

It is AMAZING. You can’t find a vintage store as good as this in London. They have so many t-shirts crammed in there. I usually need around a good 2 hours to look around… I get so excited in there!


This is one of my latest Metropolis finds:




New York is also a great place for people and dog watching. You see some of the most amazing dogs. I saw this amazing white bodied Pug.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this before… this is why I love New York!



Somewhere in between the show madness, eating and shopping, I try to take a little relaxing time at my hotel too- away from the bustle of the city streets.

I take this time to do a bit of male grooming on myself – I mean, why not?! I usually give myself a little facemask from Shu Uemura.


Anyway, thanks for reading. I hope that gives you a little insight into my spare time in New York. I have to run now but please come and visit me in the Windle & Moodie salon should you wish to get your haircut.


My next instalment will be from my recent trip to Paris for the shows there.