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Seeing as it’s April 1st we thought we’d kickstart the month off with some suggestions from the stylists here at […]

Seeing as it’s April 1st we thought we’d kickstart the month off with some suggestions from the stylists here at the salon on their haircut and style predictions for spring 2015.

So lets start off with the suggestions from our very own Spring Lambs, AKA The New Gen.

This crop of new stylists are our younger generation who have come up through the Windle London training ranks and have finally made it onto the salon floor, now cutting their own clients.

The New Gen team consists of Charles, Victoria, Nicole and Jake. They’ve all got great individual style of their own, and bring a new energy to the salon helping to keep W&M young and fresh.

Let’s see what their Spring suggestions are:

First up is Charles:

Charles is suggesting to go from long to Collar/shoulder length. But instead of being all one length he’s suggesting long layers to give a more softer approach with a messy texture that’s more modern and broken up.

The perfect example for Charles recommendation is actress Victoria Justice ( below), Nickolodeon and Zoey 101 star.

Next Up is Victoria

Vicki is loving Sienna Miller’s latest looks especially from her recent award appearances. A choppy textured bob with soft undercut sides, that can be worn down with texture or slick back into a faux short haircut style to look chic and sophisticated but still contemporary.  She’s also loving that Sienna can put her hair up and look chic and cool at the same time

Here’s Sienna’s recent looks that Vicki is loving.

Nicole is our next New Gen member.

Nicole is loving actresses Jennifer Lawrence’s hair right now. She thinks the short Bob length combined with the shorter layers around the front make for a very versatile haircut, that can be worn down or up with a messy texture.

Here’s Jennifer’s recent pics of her cool haircut including her recent campaign for Dior.


Last but by no means least is our newest edition to the New Gen team, Jake

Jake likes the drama series House of Cards female star, Robin Wright’s haircut, shorter around the sides and back and longer/heavier on top. He’s also loving Jennifer Lawrence’s hair too

Here’s Robin Wrights cool short haircut.