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Brigitte Bardot – Hair by Patrick Alès.

” I think that every women personified beauty “Patrick Alès.

A leader in the creation of plant-based hair care products, it is with great sadness to hear the passing of Patrick Alès, age 88.

Phyto: “phytogeography” meaning the branch of botany that deals with the spatial relationships of plants.

Known as the pioneer for natural haircare, in 1969 Alès founded Phyto after discovering the true power of plants when living in Provence with his wife.

In his quest to treat and beautify the hair with the use of botanical power, Phyto rapidly turned into a world famous brand loved by A- list celebrities such as Jackie Kennedy, Brigitte Bardot and Catherine Deneuve.

Collaborating with pharmacologists, botanists and biochemists, and with such energy, curiosity and sheer fascination of the world, it is no wonder that Alès climbed the ladder of success, and beyond, throughout his career.


Below we speak with Paul Windle, founder of Windle London, on his take on the iconic Patrick Alès:


Was Alès someone who you drew inspiration from when creating Windle London?

Patrick Alès, the inventor of “Le Brushing” the original blow dry technique, was an inspiration to me  over 29 years ago when we initially spent time together in Paris, France. Ales began to use plant oils in hair products as early as 1958. I introduced the iconic Phytologie brand to the UK in 1992. It has had a huge influence on our brand, Windle London.


Whether Alès had an impact on your work, or you too firmly believe in the power of plants, we’d love to hear your thoughts.


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